The Nuclear Law Collection

This Collection consists of an extensive overview of the different aspects of the regulations concerning the use of nuclear energy. It is divided into different thematic categories, namely the universal and regional organizations concerned with the law of nuclear energy, the safety and the safe use of nuclear energy, as well as the protection of nuclear materials. Issues that are addressed are, among others, the following: radiation protection, safety of nuclear power plants, waste management, transport of radioactive materials, notification of nuclear accident and emergency assistance, civil liability for nuclear damage, physical protection of nuclear materials, armed attack against nuclear installations, peaceful uses of nuclear energy, non-proliferation undertakings, establishment and work of the International Atomic Energy Agency, international and regional safeguard systems.

Overview of the Collection:

The main-volumes 

Volume Number Title
1 Basic Documents of Universal and Regional Organizations Concerned With the Law of Nuclear Energy
2 The Safe Use of Nuclear Energy
3 The Safety of Nuclear Energy
4 Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials
5 Armed Attacks Against Nuclear Installations