Issues in International Criminal Law

The series highlights several subjects that rise when "parties" start prosecuting or defending International Crimes before national and international courts. Each topic is comprised of a short introduction to the subject, basic documents related to it, abstracts of relevant case-law and a lot of bibliographical information to deepen the knowledge of the "issue" addressed. The “Issues in International Criminal Law” are the following: prosecution and punishment of international crimes by national courts, mutual legal assistance in international criminal matters, punishment and prosecution by international courts, evidence before ad hoc tribunals, defense in international criminal proceedings, the crime of rape in international criminal law.

Overview of the Collection:

The main-volumes 

Volume Number Title
1 Prosecution and Punishment of International Crimes by National Courts
2 Mutual Legal Assistance in International Criminal Matters
3 Punishment and Prosecution by International Courts
4 Evidence before the Ad Hoc Tribunals
5 Defense in International Criminal Proceedings
6 The Crime of Rape in International Criminal Law