Encyclopedia of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)


The Encyclopedia on the ICTR includes the most important documents with regard to the Tribunal. The Encyclopedia on the ICTR forms a useful tool for everyone working and studying in the field of international law.
On 6 April 1994 the Hutu President Juvenal Habryarimana was assassinated, as a result of this assassination, the Great Lakes country of Rwanda descended into civil war and genocide. An extermination campaign was launched by the Hutu extremists in the National Republican Movement for Development and Democracy (MRND) and the Rwandan Armed Forces (RAF) against moderate Hutu and the entire Tutsi ethnic minority.

Over 800,000 Rwandans were murdered during the civil war which ended on 19 July 1994. The ones responsible for the genocide in Rwanda had to be punished. Therefore the United Nations (hereafter ‘UN’) established the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (hereafter ‘ICTR’ or ‘Tribunal’) through Resolution 955, adopted on 8
November 1994.
Through the establishment of the ICTR the UN wanted to restore and maintain peace. The ICTR is the first international court of law established to prosecute high-ranking individuals for massive human rights violations in Africa. The ICTR operations started in 1995. The main idea was to create a temporary institution to investigate crimes committed during the 1994 war in Rwanda, and to prosecute the ones responsible. Mainly because Rwanda’s domestic judicial system was not able or did not want to do this.

The ICTR has primacy over the national courts. According to the ICTR Statute, the national courts must defer to the competence of the ICTR. At request of the Security Council, a ‘completion strategy’ was drafted by the ICTR, because the national judicial systems did not have the ability to handle war crimes cases on their own. The ‘completion  strategy’ is a plan which includes three phases, namely: investigation, trial, and appeal. Deadlines are set for all three phases to be completed. Unfortunately the ICTR struggles to meet the goals before the deadlines set. 

This Encyclopaedia is unique in its kind and will be the mostly cited and complete series in the world on the work of the tribunal.


Overview of the Collection (THE CASES):

The main-volumes

Volume Number Title
1 Basic Documents
2 Pauline Nyiramasuhuko Case, Part 1/3
3 Pauline Nyiramasuhuko Case, Part 2/3
4 Pauline Nyiramasuhuko Case, Part 3/3
5 Laurent Semanza
6 Akayesu, Jean Paul; Bagaragaza, Michel
6a Additional documents
7 Ignace Bagilishema
7a Additional documents
8 Bagosora Et al. (Military I) Part 1
8a Additional documents
8b Additional documents
8c Additional documents
8d Additional documents
8e Additional documents
9 Bagosora Et al. (Military I) Part 2
10 Bizimungu Et al. (Government II) Part 1
11 Bizimungu Et al. (Government Ii) Part 2
12 Gacumbitsi, Sylvestre; Gatete, Jean Baptiste Part 1
13 Gatete, Jean Baptiste Part 2
14 Hategekimana, Idelphonse; Kambanda, Jean
15 Kajelijeli, Juvénal
16 Kalimanzira, Callixte; Kambanda, Jean
17 Kamuhanda, Jean De Dieu
18 Kanyarukiga, Gaspard; Mpambara, Jean
19 Karemera Et al. Part 1
20 Karemera Et Al Part 2
21 Karera, François
22 Kayishema Et al.
23 MPAMBARA, Jean; MUHIMANA, Mikaeli
24 Munyakazi, Yussuf; Musabyimana, Samuel
25 MUSEMA, Alfred
26 MUVUNYI, Tharcisse
27 Nahimana Et al. (Media Case) Part 1
28 Nahimana Et al. (Media Case) Part 2
29 Nchamihigo, Siméon; Ndindabahizi, Emmanuel
30 NDAHIMANA, Grégoire
31 Ndindilyimana Et al.
32 Ndindilyimana Et al.
33 Ngirabatware, Augustin
34 Ngirabatware, Augustin ; Niyitegeka, Eliézer
35 Nizeyimana, Ildéphonse
36 Nizeyimana, Ildéphonse; Nsengimana, Hormisdas
37 Nshogoza, Léonidas; Ntagerura Et al. (Cyangugu)
38 Ntakirutimana Et al.
39 Ntawukulilyayo, Dominique; Ntuyahaga, Bernard; Nzabirinda, Joseph; Nzabonimana, Callixte
40 Nzabonimana, Callixte
41 Renzaho, Tharcisse
42 Rugambarara, Juvénal; Ruggiu, Georges; Rukundo, Emmanuel; Rusatira, Léonidas
43 Rutaganda, George
44 Rutaganira, Vincent; Rwamakuba, André; Seromba, Athanase
45 Semanza, Laurent
46 Serugendo, Joseph; Serushago, Omar; Setako, Ephrem
47 Simba, Aloys; Uwilingiyimana, Juvénal
48 Turinabo Et Al Part 1
49 Turinabo Et Al Part 2
50 Turinabo Et Al Part 3
51 Turinabo Et Al Part 4
52 Turinabo Et Al Part 5
53 Turinabo Et Al Part 6
54 Turinabo Et Al Part 7
55 Turinabo Et Al Part 8

Additional Volumes on the Tribunal

Product Prijs
Volume 1 The Annual Reports 1996-2015
Volume 2 Statute and Establishment Rules of Procedure and Evidence 1995-1999 Part 1
Volume 3 Rules of Procedure and Evidence 2000-2002 Part 2
Volume 4 Rules of Procedure and Evidence 2003-2005 Part 3
Volume 5 Rules of Procedure and Evidence 2005-2006 Part 4
Volume 6 Rules of Procedure and Evidence 2005-2006 Part 5
Volume 7 Practice Directions/Regulations and Policies/Bilateral Agreements/ Completion Strategy Reports
Volume 8 Completion Strategy Reports/ Best Practices Manuals and Conference Reports