Are you who you say you are? ; The EU and Biometric Borders


Juliet Lodge (ed.)
Pages: 155 pages
Published: 07-2007
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058503169


The question of proving identity using biometric information, storing, accessing and verifying it raises more than technical questions. It goes to the heart of the legal and political values of our politics.

The prospect of cross-border automatic information exchange and e-governance begs questions about how abuse of power can be avoided, democratic accountability sustained, and liberty and security brought into balance.

Liberty can be compromised inadvertently or by using the argumentation of exceptionalism. Security can be enhanced by cross-border cooperation and information exchange but the security and e-government technologies that enable them are neither risk nor value-free.

This book starts by examining these issues with reference to the introduction of legal and technical rules and systems that were initially limited in scope, purpose and function to asylum and migration. It goes on to consider the free movement of personal data, data protection, the mandatory taking of biometric identifiers from visa applicants, the cross-border goals of the Hague Programme and the roll-out of e-government and e-transactions in a digi-space where democratic controls and accountability are elusive.The absence of joined-up thinking about the underlying scientific, technological and politico-legal assumptions challenges us to rethink how we define ourselves and how we visualise, value and protect liberty and security.


- Challenging Liberty (Angela Liberatore)
- Mobility controls and new technologies (Didier Bigo)
- Are you who you say you are? (Juliet Lodge)
- Unreadable papers?? (Elspeth Guild )
- The use of biometrics in EU databases and identity documents (Evelien Brouwer)
- Frontex and the EU`s integrated bordermanagement strategy (Sergio Carrera)
- PNR and compensation (Gloria González Fuster and Paul De Hert)
- The challenges of secure borders and e-security (Juliet Lodge)
- Providing who you are: A challenge for public policy (Juliet Lodge)

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