Human Rights in a Global World; Essays in Honour of Judge Luis López Guerra


G. Raimondi, I. Motoc,
P. Pastor Vilanova &
C. Morte Gómez (eds)

ISBN 9789462404298 • 651 pp

The mandate of Luis López Guerra as a judge at the European Court of Human Rights is coming to an end. On the occasion of his departure, his colleagues and friends wish to pay tribute to the exceptional work he has accomplished during his ten-year tenure at the Court. In his duties, he distinguished himself in the dissemination of the fundamental rights and freedoms protected by the Convention and he was acknowledged for his humanist approach to European litigation.

After completing prestigious studies in law and political science in Madrid and Michigan, he was lecturer in constitutional law and then judge to the Spanish Constitutional Court, as well as Secretary of State for Justice. He was also an expert in numerous institutions, notably the Venice Commission, and Director of the Institute of Comparative Public Law in Madrid.
Elected as a judge of the Court in 2008, he was subsequently appointed by his peers as Vicepresident and later President of the third Section of the Court. During his mandate, he participated in the spread of the Court in Europe and throughout the world through his work in the Court and his numerous conferences and articles, particularly on issues relating to justice and European integration.
This work compiles numerous original works dealing with various topical subjects, written by judges of the Court, international and national judges, academics and members of the registry of the Court. Through this Liber amicorum, they wish to show all their friendship and recognition.