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Our partners:

Find below a list of our current partners and institutions that we promote at our website:

  • Wolf Legal Publishers (www.wolfpublishers.com)
  • Environmental Law Society (ELS)
  • International Courts Association
  • United Nations Legal Research Centre (The Hague)
  • United Nations Legal Research Centre (Geneva) (www.unog.ch)
  • LAWS-press
  • Association for the Study of International Relations
  • South American Law Association
  • European Law Students Association (www.elsa.org)
  • European Court of Human Rights (echr.coe.int)
  • Council of Europe Human Rights Association
  • Filodiritto (www.filodirittoeditore.com)
  • Tirant lo Blanch (www.tirant.com)
  • UBUNTU academic press
  • Human Rights Law Society (HRLS)
  • European Law Forum (EULF)
  • African Association for the study of International and Comparative Law (AASICL)
  • Council of Europe Legal research association (COELRA)
  • Global Institute of international and comparative legal documentation (GIICLD)
  • UNESCO Forum (www.en.unesco.org)
  • ICC Academic Press
  • Tilburg Academic Press (TAP)
  • Shackleton A(nta)rtic Legal Press