Below you can look and download some of the volumes that we made in the past for our series... you will see the short introduction and the contents of the books:

International Court of Justice Series

This is a simple series that we make... Just go to the website of the ICJ and pick a case with a little volume and download and make a small introduction....

International Criminal Law Series; Genocide

This series has 2 aspects now! The first one is that we made the series in 2010/2012. This means that the subjects are now a little older and what we want to do is to upgrade the books. So you can take the book and re-write some parts of the book and update it with new agreements, laws and other information.

What you also can do is find some subjects that you would like to make. The idea of these books is that we want to have an introduction of 30-50 pages and the rest of the book should be filled with agreements, judgments and more information.

What we also did is making the International Criminal Law issues... You can see them below. So from the big book of 500 pages we just made a small version of this book of around 200 pages with the most important information. These guides are very useful lately for lawyers because there you can find the basics of the subject.

This is the sample of the short version of the golden book... below you will find the big book....